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New Features – Driver Subscription Alerts


The Driver Edition of Notifications

Pontiac, Michigan
      by Robert Bartlett – November 2020

We continue to add new features to the transportation platform. Due to the high demand, the latest release focused around driver related notifications or alerts.

Best for situations where the manager could use some help identifying driver patterns in real-time. Also a great way to communicate simply, while on the road.

THE New Ride Alerts

New Ride Alerts are a great way to let the driver know there’s been an adjustment to their schedule. A simple audible sound that’s unique to their normal notifications really helps prepare the driver for optimal success.


Sometimes bad stuff happens. So quickly notifying the primary parties of the situation is ideal.  Calling the manager or texting them is a step. Then they must contact the mechanic and the tow team; all while rerouting drivers and vehicles.

Save multiple steps with a “Breakdown Action Plan” initiated with this one simple notification.


Looking for a great way to utilize checkpoints? Setting up Bus routes to send out notifications when they hit a particular zone is extremely helpful. Or sending out notifications to some employees when a paratransit van leaves a hospital.

Customizing a map with geofence functionality just got better with advanced notifications.