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New Features – Maintenance Alerts


The MEchanics Edition of Notifications

Pontiac, Michigan
      by Robert Bartlett – December 2020

We continue to add new features to the transportation platform. Due to the high demand, the latest release focused around the vehicles updated with notifications or alerts.

This was great to track upcoming auto insurance expirations, oil changes or even when the fuel log is altered. Letting the right people know when an action occurs helps maintain a seamless operation.


Gas and fuel for the van or bus is one of the largest expenses. Have you ever noticed trends with the amount of fill-ups exceeding over a period of time? There’s possibly a few reasons why. One could be forecasting potential engine issues and another could be excessive idol times. The notifications on the fuel log, over a period of time, can help a keen manager save money or solve a problem before it’s a disaster.

Insurance Tracking

One of the worst case scenarios we’ve heard about is when a vehicle get’s in an accident when a policy has lapsed. It’s happened to some really great managers due to a perfect storm of events. Setting up a simple notification around insurance is another protection against that storm.

Quick Tip: Teams who continuously shop insurance save anywhere from 8 – 40 % on their insurance rates over a five year span.

Sometimes insurance companies are bought out or sell their customer plans to other companies. When this occurs, the rates can go up substantially. If the program is on auto renew, this is where they get you. Yes, you can halt or change a plan and get prorated back but paying possibly double for a few months can add up quickly. Especially if you’re managing a large fleet.

Maintenance State Change

Follow along with the progress of a particular vehicle. Was a new part ordered? Did two mechanics diagnose the problem efficiently? There’s a good amount of reasons some managers would want to stay in touch with the state of repair on their fleet.

The alerts can help the team plan for what vehicles are in top shape or had their maintenance completed in a timely manor.

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