Up and Running

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Our process has been implemented in 100’s of locations across the country. So what can you expect?
System Setup | custom branding

Each platform is custom tailored to best meet each teams needs. So if taxi demand route is your primary need, then we unlock and setup a flawless digital system for your best digital success.

What the custom branding does is put your LOGO in key spots where the team and customers can recognize it and grow with the app and your service. Every color and even the font type can be modified to around what your brand looks and feels like.

Data import

It’s no secret that today’s data is vital to every successful business. That’s why we take countless measures to not only secure your system on it’s on personal cloud server, but to transfer over all vital information. Such as past routes, contacts, drivers and anything else that follows the industry standard, General Transit Feed Specifications (GTFS).

This process is reviewed by our verified technical team. These technicians are not only individually cleared by national security but also have keen, information technology, experience.

New! Digital Training

Since adapting to today’s modern times, we now offer digital training packages for the remote user. These options are determined by the managing team. Hybrid flexible options are available too.

No, we don’t train 100+ people enterprises in 1 day but we can in a week! We found it’s best to maintain working schedules over a period of time. That way your bottom line doesn’t dip or differ when pulling employees off the floor. By pulling smaller groups of trainees into a class, the results in better system performance is astounding.


Please consider: each training class can range from 4-10 hours depending on job roll (driver, manager, passenger Q&A, etc…).  
HARDWARE installation

Setting up a tablet can have minor complications. Our secure cases are built for public mobility exposure. Mounting brackets for dashboards or powering when not in use are procedures that require a verified protocol.


Once the system is launched and in great working order, your personal technician is still just an email away. Sometime simple questions or new release features, require further clarification. That’s why our team has designated staff available to help drive the best success for your teams digital system.

What if I require immediate hardware replacements over the weekend or late night technical support? We offer pre-paid packages to our clients for 24/7 support.  If on a standard protection plan, then a solution will be provided, as soon as possible, during standard business hours.