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Rides to Wellness


Saginaw, Michigan
      by Robert Bartlett

Transtuitive powers STARS bus system and their paratransit solution called, The Rides to Wellness. It’s a non-emergency medical ride program and it’s also the first county wide program in Saginaw, Michigan of it’s kind.


More important resource time has been freed up. Now the STARS team can focus on what they do best. Which is customer service!


STARS will use adaptable billing and fund management. They like the simplicity of it, even entering a person (customer or driver) into the system is easy. In turn, this helps organize rides with re-occurring appointments.

STARS -Rides to Wellness also has partner functionality built in. The partner agencies can focus on their target location to work with other divisions out of range. The other enterprises can hold their own insurance, manage drivers, and set prices for vehicles all while leveraging great technology.


Organizations interested in becoming a partner should contact Jamie Forbes, Director of External Affairs at jforbes@saginaw-stars.com/(989)907-4038 for more information about how to become a partner!

Find out more by visiting https://saginaw-stars.com/

The Favorite Features

STARS excels with great drivers and customer service. The ability to add profiles of each driver, track their rides, and review driver reports helps maintain the quality STAR reputation of 115+ employees.

Adding new vehicles that are tailored to various client demands has been simplified. In the past, memorization and paper folders were the tools utilized to track each vehicle on the fleet. Now that everything is digital, life is easier.

Insurance, registration tabs, miles, oil changes, inspections all are handled with smart computer systems.

Once established, the re-occurring appointments are seamless.  Typical scheduling is done by phone or email which helps many of the clients. The system integrated with the Great Lakes Health Connect and this has made communication amongst the team go from good to excellent!