Brokering - Streamlined Regional Transit Solutions


your regional transit operation with our innovative brokering platform. Connect partners and transit agencies for seamless transportation management

Empowering Regional Transit Collaboration

Brokering simplifies regional transit coordination, driving efficiency and fostering strong partnerships

  1. Partner Ride Requests: Hospitals, hotels, conference centers, and universities can effortlessly request rides for their customers
  2. Transit Agency Bidding: Regional transit agencies can bid on trips, optimizing service offerings and resource allocation
  3. Approval and Denial System: Efficiently manage trip requests with a robust cost model for informed decision-making
  4. Comprehensive Tracking: Monitor transportation details, including providers, passengers, and trip costs
  5. Fund Allocation and Management: Keep track of funds dedicated to regional transit services and monitor usage

Brokering Superpowers - Unleash the Power of Regional Transit Collaboration
  1. Simplified Ride Requests: Streamline ride requests from partner organizations for seamless transit coordination
  2. Optimized Bidding: Maximize efficiency and resource utilization through intelligent transit agency bidding
  3. Informed Decision-Making: Utilize a robust cost model for approving or denying trip requests
  4. Comprehensive Oversight: Gain full visibility into transportation details, providers, and passengers
  5. Effective Fund Management: Easily monitor and manage allocated funds for regional transit services
  6. Automated Reporting: Schedule reports based on fund thresholds for efficient budgetary monitoring
  7. Unified Operations: Integrate the brokering platform with existing transit management systems
  8. Strong Partnerships: Foster collaboration between regional transit agencies and affiliated organizations
  9. Data-Driven Improvements: Utilize data insights for continuous service enhancements
  10. Customizable Solutions: Adapt the brokering platform to meet the specific needs of your regional operation

TransTuitive™ Brokering - Revolutionizing Regional Transit Coordination

As a hospital administrator, TransTuitive™ Brokering has made it easy for us to request rides for our patients. The platform has improved our transit coordination, ensuring a smoother experience for everyone involved.
Hospital Administrator
Dominique Simmons