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easily Manage Transportation

Transtuitive is built for the everyday heroes out there.
For those who wake up and make an impact on the ones who need it most.

We’ve built our reputation around superior, simple functionality and understand that arrival times to the doorstep are big deals.

Simply put, the best trusts us
and we’re happy to help serve
our great communities’ travel needs. 

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LEt’s not waste time 

Imagine day-to-day operations infused with gps tracking, SMS customer notifications and updated turn-by-turn directions. Meanwhile; tracking drivers, payments, services and funds.

Sounds good right?

Setup your transportation dispatch-team and go.

We prepare you to manage transportation from the comfort of your office or living room, easily.


Select from a wide range of smart options and packages.

b (Demo)
Computer Assisted Dispatch
A way to LIVE-Monitor your fleet and communicate requests to drivers.
s (Demo)
Medical Transportation (NEMT)
Tailor special on-demand solutions for wheelchair accessible vehicles.
w (Demo)
Maintenance Scheduling
Monitor the profile and economic life-span of various vehicles.
p (Demo)
Snap Shot Analytics
Want to work harder? Dive deep into your team's performance.

All the
To Manage
Your fleet

  • Live Tracking
  • Two-way Communication (Text and Voice)
  • Employee Management
  • Vehicle Configuration and Management
  • Geofencing
  • Events Notifications
  • Reporting
  • Insurance and Registration Tracking
  • Vehicle Maintenance Shop Management
  • Pre/Post Checking


We customize and train every team for their optimal performance.

Protected: Easy Scheduler
Protected: Custom Vehicles
Protected: Inspection Tracking
Protected: Insurance Tracking
Protected: drive and succeed with transtuitive
Intuitive Systems  |  Better Operations  |  Happier Teams
Who Else Benefits with us?

Fund Management & System Financing

“I used to lose track of all my funding balances and I’d spend all morning looking them up. This system makes everything so much easier.”
– Pam


Dispatch to Doorstep Accuracy

“I’m a routine guy and I like to know ahead of time where I’m going and trip length. Now I know exactly when I’ll be home with my family.”

Passenger Coordinators

Alerts and Scheduling Application 

“I love helping people through tough times and getting to know them. It makes my job easier when everything is in front of me.”
– Kimberly

For responsible scalability and high level security.

Now offering: On-demand
digital training seminars

Simple on-boarding solutions are handled by our team of brilliant technicians and personable coaches.

We’ve organized digital training solutions to help demonstrate just how easy this technology will improve operations. We provide handouts, manuals, quick videos, and multi-day courses, on-site or online. 

WE CAN get Flexible
with payment processing

 Custom ID Fund Cards

 PCI Compliant Security

Advanced API Integration


Track EVERYday auto inspections

tablet with the vehicle inspection page open. The tablet is sitting on the open hood of the car exposing the engine and battery.

YOUR First stop to  smarter
transportation management

See everything Transtuitive can do
for you and your riders.
A compilation of images. The first is a manager reviewing the live fleet look at where his team is at through the computer; all while another image shows the driver on the road with turn by turn navigation on a tablet. There's text that says "simply intuitive" and "trusted and secure"
First Step: Connect

Our system powers some of the most secure in the USA.
From the Bureau of Prisons to STAR Emergencies
to Veteran Hospitals Nationwide.
We understand it starts with a conversation.


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