Fixed Route

Real-time Fleet Management

TransTuitive™ empowers fixed-route transportation agencies with state-of-the-art tools to optimize driver schedules, streamline maintenance processes, and ensure the highest level of operational efficiency. Let your team shine with the ultimate combination of smart technology and intuitive solutions.

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TransTuitive™ revolutionizes fixed-route operations by providing advanced planning and scheduling features, real-time fleet management, and unmatched customer service tools. Your team will benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced passenger experiences.

  1. Advanced route planning: TransTuitive™'s innovative route planning tools enable your team to design and optimize fixed routes for maximum efficiency and service quality.
  2. Real-time fleet management: Keep track of your fleet with live GPS tracking, ensuring that your vehicles stay on schedule and in the right place at the right time.
  3. Passenger communication: TransTuitive™'s passenger app provides real-time arrival information, route maps, and fare pass management, making it easy for riders to navigate your transit system.
  4. Streamlined fare collection: With digital fare passes and integration with multiple payment systems, TransTuitive™ simplifies fare collection and makes it easier for passengers to pay for their rides.
  5. Comprehensive reporting: Gain insights into your fixed-route operations with powerful reporting tools, helping you make data-driven decisions to improve service quality and efficiency.
  6. Accessible and inclusive: TransTuitive™ ensures your fixed-route services meet the needs of all passengers, with 508 compliance and customizable accessibility options.
  7. Intelligent run cutting: TransTuitive™'s advanced algorithms analyze your fixed-route schedules to create efficient driver assignments, maximizing productivity while minimizing costs.
  8. Optimized blocking: Automatically group trips into efficient blocks, ensuring seamless transitions between routes and reducing downtime for your drivers.
  9. Driver break management: Schedule driver breaks with ease, promoting a healthy work-life balance and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  10. Pre and post-inspection checks: Streamline the inspection process with the driver tablet, allowing drivers to conduct thorough vehicle checks and submit real-time reports.
  11. Maintenance terminal integration: Sync inspection data with your maintenance team, so they can quickly address any issues and keep your fleet in top condition.
  12. Real-time manager updates: TransTuitive™ keeps managers in the loop with live status updates, empowering them to make informed decisions and ensure smooth operations.

Testimonial - Driver: "TransTuitive™ has made my job as a fixed-route driver so much easier. From efficient run cutting to seamless break management, I can focus on providing a great experience for passengers."

Testimonial - Maintenance Manager: "With TransTuitive™, our maintenance team can quickly address any issues identified during driver inspections. It keeps our fleet running smoothly and reduces downtime."

Embrace the power of TransTuitive™ to supercharge your fixed-route operations with cutting-edge technology that optimizes driver schedules, streamlines the maintenance process, and ensures seamless communication between all team members. Elevate your transportation agency to new heights of excellence and become the superhero your city needs with TransTuitive™.