Demand Response - Intelligent, Adaptive Transit Solutions


your on-demand transit operations with our powerful software, enhancing efficiency and passenger experiences

Revolutionizing Demand Response Transit

TransTuitive™ simplifies on-demand operations, driving efficiency and providing a seamless journey for passengers

  1. Intelligent Trip Scheduling: AI-driven scheduling tools to optimize trip assignments and minimize wait times
  2. Flexible Routing: Real-time route adjustments based on demand for maximum efficiency and rider satisfaction
  3. Automated Dispatching: Streamlined driver communications and dispatching for responsive transit services
  4. Passenger-Centric App: Easy-to-use mobile app with trip booking, live updates, and notifications
  5. Advanced Reporting and Analytics: In-depth data insights for continuous service improvements and regulatory compliance

Demand Response Superpowers - Elevate Your Transit Operations
  1. Dynamic Scheduling: Optimize trip assignments and vehicle utilization with AI-powered scheduling tools
  2. Real-Time Adaptability: Adjust routes and schedules in response to changing demand for maximum efficiency
  3. Passenger Notifications: Keep riders informed with real-time updates, trip changes, and ETA notifications
  4. Mobility Options: Accommodate passengers with varying mobility needs for an inclusive transit experience
  5. Automated Dispatch: Streamline driver communication and dispatching, ensuring a smooth and organized operation
  6. Data-Driven Insights: Leverage comprehensive analytics for data-driven decision-making and service improvements
  7. Customized Settings: Adapt platform features to suit your agency's specific needs and preferences
  8. System Compatibility: Integrate with existing hardware and software for a unified transit solution
  9. Fare Flexibility: Manage fare options with ease, including discounts, membership passes, and multi-ride tickets

Demand Response - Transforming On-Demand Transit

This has significantly improved our demand response operations. The platform's smart scheduling and routing capabilities have increased efficiency, resulting in happier passengers and a more streamlined service.
Transit Manager
Danielle Walker